Business Lawyer Atlanta

Business Lawyer Atlanta

The skilled lawyers at The Law Ladies know how to successfully represent your business at any stage of growth. Avoid legal headaches by having a team of experienced professionals in your corner.

Georgia is one of the top states to start a business, and there is nearly endless opportunity in Atlanta. However, starting a business can be challenging, and as an Atlanta entrepreneur, you may often find yourself needing assistance navigating the law. Working with a business lawyer Atlanta is essential for making sure that your business is operative and in compliance with all state and local laws and regulations.

Located in the heart of Atlanta on Peachtree Street, the skilled lawyers at The Law Ladies know how to successfully represent your business at any stage of growth. Avoid legal headaches by having a team of experienced legal professionals in your corner.

Business Attorney Atlanta GA

Our team can help you with a variety of legal needs to keep your business running smoothly. We know you are busy and we want to help you get back to running your business. Let our team get to work for you. 

Here are a few of the areas of business law that we specialize in:

  • New business formation 
  • Influencer contracts
  • Employee/employment/independent contractor agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Business litigation

Unlike other firms, our team is well-equipped to handle both civil and criminal representation. It’s a one-stop-shop for your business. Contact us today so we can begin setting your business on a path for success.

What to Look For in a Business Lawyer Atlanta

Choosing the right firm is essential to successfully operate a business and maintain your peace of mind. So, what sets apart The Law Ladies as the premier choice for business law matters in Atlanta?

Both of our attorneys – Ashley McMahan and Jasmine Barber – have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to fight for your business and protect your livelihood.

The Law Ladies have been an established firm in Atlanta, providing proven results for businesses since 2014. One of the reasons our firm has been so successful is based on our collaborative approach to creating solutions for clients. Instead of one solo attorney, you get the power of three minds working on your behalf.

Our excellent track record and client-centered model puts us ahead of other firms in the city. You also gain a well-rounded law firm at your disposal who can protect you in both civil and criminal matters, which is always handy. In fact, The Law Ladies are often hand-picked as guests on nationally-televised justice shows.

Business Attorney Atlanta GA

With any new service provider, it can be difficult to know if it’s the right fit. We’re pleased to be able to share the feedback of our clients, so you can see the impact we have for yourself in our testimonials.

For your large or small business, The Law Ladies are here to help. Whether it’s getting started with a new business formation in Georgia or navigating complex contracts once you’ve grown, The Law Ladies will be here to help you build a successful business!

Business Formation Attorney

Typically, people rely on lawyers when confronted with a lawsuit or legal concern. Starting a business is different. As an entrepreneur, you will want to ensure that your business complies with all business laws and is legally safeguarded for the future, and our Atlanta business lawyers carry out a range of functions throughout the process of business formation. 

Setting up LLC in Georgia

Your company type is an excellent starting point, and each business incorporation, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or non-profit, has its own benefits and drawbacks. Business incorporation is typically the first significant action for business owners developing a new company since a business’ structure can be utilized to obtain financing, executives, and other significant pillars that hold up a business. 

How you choose to incorporate is going to boil down to tax, record-keeping, and liability. LLC is one of the most common business types in Georgia, and we have helped business owners throughout the Atlanta area form their LLC and get their business up and running. Our business lawyers can guide you through establishing a strong business structure so that you can give your company the best possible opportunity for success. 

Starting a Business in Atlanta

Although many early-stage entrepreneurs do not wish to invest the money to retain a lawyer, think about retaining an attorney as a form of legal insurance. The legal costs you will pay now when starting your business can save you a significant amount of money in future legal issues. From assisting you with figuring out the legal structure of your business, preparing contracts, and signing up for federal trademark and copyright protection, and providing general legal advice, retaining a business attorney is a crucial step in developing a strong foundation for your new business.

Contract Drafting by Atlanta Business Law Firms

A contract is one of the most vital aspects of a business relationship. Depending on how it is prepared, a contract can either increase your business’ success or be the reason for its failure, and business owners should never try to compose a legal contract without the specialized assistance and counsel of an Atlanta business law firm. 

Why Hire a Contract Attorney Atlanta

Utilizing generic contract templates found online will not cover all the layers and specifics of your distinct business situation, but will instead leave holes that can later be exploited to your disadvantage. For this reason, a well-executed contract drafted by a business attorney is necessary any time you need to establish terms with a customer, contractor, employee, or business partner. 

Atlanta Contract Lawyer

Our attorneys prepare contracts for clarity and to satisfy your business objectives. Lawyers knowledgeable about suits understand that poorly composed contracts can cost you a significant amount of time, stress, and money. A carefully composed contract will keep you out of court and keep your business moving forward.

When preparing a contract, The Law Ladies will identify and discuss your business objectives with you to ensure that no important information is left out. Often, there is unequal ground between companies, partners, or professionals that can enter into play in business litigation. Whether there are distinctions in size, experience, or other elements of the relationship, we understand how essential it is to be knowledgeable about terms that can affect the course of a transaction or partnership.

Our Attorneys Can Help with Your Influencer Contract

With the rise of social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, many companies now rely on individuals with large online followings to promote and create awareness of their business, brand name, or product. Working with “influencers” necessitates various types of contracts for each distinct platform – an Instagram promotion is certainly different from a Youtube video review, for example. 

Social Media Marketing Contract

To make sure that the duties of both the influencer and the business are fully understood, a contract laying out responsibilities and expectations, schedules, ownership of intellectual property rights, and payment information in an influencer or affiliate contract is vital. We’re here to help.

Brand Ambassador Contract

As business lawyers with experience in social media marketing law, The Law Ladies can you customize an influencer or brand ambassador contract according to the nature of the partnership, which social networks will be utilized, what the message or advertisement will be, what disclosures are mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and how the message will be shared.

Your Business Attorney Atlanta for NDAs

Trade tricks and copyright can be the most important assets for a business, and it’s worth preparing a strong contract to safeguard them. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a type of contract intended to avoid disclosure of private information. By signing an NDA, one or more parties agree not to reveal particular information to another person. 

Small Business Attorney Atlanta GA 30309

The terms of an NDA need to be directly customized to serve the specific interests of a small business. Overreaching can lead to the contract being deemed invalid in court, so competent contract preparation is necessary to guarantee a lawfully enforceable agreement. Like all other legal contracts, utilizing skilled legal counsel to help you prepare your NDA is highly recommended. Our non-disclosure contract lawyers can help you prepare a proper NDA contract that lessens the possibilities of a breach and maximizes your opportunities of winning the case if an unapproved disclosure occurs.

A Small Business Lawyer Atlanta Explains: Non-Compete Agreements

When you hire an employee or establish a working relationship with a contractor or other small business, there is a constant risk that as soon as that relationship ends, they will utilize their understanding of your business practices to start a competing service or work for a competitor. Non-compete agreements aim to prevent this so you can rest assured that your small business stays safe.

Atlanta Business Lawyer

A non-compete agreement limits a person or business from offering services or conducting business in specific industries and areas for a certain amount of time in such a way that would lead to competition with your company. With a well-planned non-compete agreement prepared by an Atlanta business lawyer, your business will be safeguarded from losing staff members to direct rivals who will take advantage of inside understanding or contacts to get market share. 

Atlanta Business Lawyers

As a small business owner, it’s important to keep in mind that in many cases, the law highly values an individual’s right to decide how he or she makes money and will likely be doubtful of any contract that forbids someone from pursuing alternative work. If you are thinking about having employees or partners sign a non-compete agreement, you need to make certain that an attorney with unique experience dealing with non-competes takes a detailed look at the language to ensure that the contract is enforceable. Our Atlanta business lawyers are here to help you compose an enforceable non-compete contract. Contact us today.



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