Ashley McMahan on Dr OzLaw Lady Ashley McMahan joins Dr. Oz and Deborah Norville of Inside Edition on the Dr. Oz Show this week to discuss crimes in international waters and to provide advice to viewers on how to keep them and their loved ones safe on their next vacation. Ashley explains the complicated legal issues a person might face when trying to pursue justice on the high seas.

Deborah Norville and Inside Edition conduct in-depth investigations into recent cases that have come up in international waters as well as the dangers of traveling by sea. Dr. Oz has several heartfelt interviews with victims of crimes on cruise ships whose cases are still unresolved.  Most cruise ship passengers, Ashley notes, including the very diligent ones, are confused about who to turn to if they become the victim of crime onboard. Ashley gives Dr. Oz and his viewers’ advice on where to turn in the event of an emergency.

Don’t miss this eye-opening episode of Dr. Oz featuring Law Lady Ashley McMahan, airing Wednesday, November 27th.