Georgia Warrants are issued when law enforcement believes you to be involved in a crime or if you miss a mandatory court date. Read on for The Law Ladies’ complete guide to warrants in GA.

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Georgia Warrants

Georgia warrants are court-issued files that legally permit police to arrest a person who is believed to have committed a crime in the state of Georgia. Arrest warrants are released following a demand referred to as an affidavit from a law enforcement official or the district attorney. Warrants are provided by a judge or magistrate and offer not just the authority to apprehend, but to take personal property to be utilized as proof in a trial. 

Georgia Warrants section

What is on a Georgia Warrant?

Georgia warrants normally consist of: 

  • The information of the supposed offense, individual info on the suspect in concern 
  • The allocated period where the arrest might happen 
  • The expiration date, if one exists, and the date of issuing
  • The name of the authorities who released the warrant
  • Any bail or bond conditions 

In Georgia, it is possible for police to make an arrest or search personal property without a warrant. These are unusual cases, however are most typical when a law enforcement representative personally witnesses a crime.


Georgia Warrants Database

In most cases, you won’t be alerted about an arrest warrant in your name until an arrest takes place. If you suspect that a warrant has been issued for your arrest in Georgia, taking action as soon as possible can help you prevent an unexpected arrest and develop an effective early defense strategy with a criminal attorney Atlanta. Instead of waiting and wondering if and when you will be arrested, you can often perform a preliminary search for Georgia warrants in your name. The process is different for each county, so it’s important to understand how to effectively search for and approach Georgia warrants in your local area.

In this guide, we break down exactly how to search for Georgia warrants in your county and what to do if you discover a warrant for your arrest so you can begin taking steps to secure your rights and freedom.

Fulton County Warrants

In Fulton County, Deputy Marshals perform arrest warrants for both misdemeanor and felony crimes as stemming from the county Magistrate Court, in addition to warrants for misdemeanor probation infractions which are put out by the county State Court.

Fulton County Warrants

Fulton County Warrant Division

The warrant division of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office supplies warrant details, and the police departments of specific cities within the county likewise release some details, although not all departments will do so. 

These warrants consist of active warrants, which have been recently issued without the suspect being detained yet, along with outstanding warrants, which have been active for a significant amount of time, sometimes months or years, without the suspect being detained. The warrant division also issues bench warrants when a suspect does not appear in court on their designated date.


Fulton County Warrant Search

If you want to perform your own a preliminary search of active or outstanding Georgia warrants in Fulton County, you will have to appear in-person with government-issued ID at the Sheriff’s Office in the Fulton County Courthouse or the Fulton County Jail. They will only supply the complete information of the warrant status if asked by the person for whom the warrant was provided. 

If you appear in-person, the authorities may have grounds to arrest you on the spot, so this course of action is usually not advised without consulting with an attorney first. Most attorneys, including those at our Fulton County-based firm, have access to an active warrant database and can perform a search on behalf of their clients. If a warrant is found in your name, we will help guide you through the next steps.

Cobb County Warrants

Cobb County boasts among the biggest Magistrate Courts in Georgia. The Magistrate Court releases arrest warrants for criminal activity in Cobb County, and the Warrant Division of the Cobb County Sheriff’s office processes and performs them.

Cobb County Warrants

Cobb County Warrant Division

The Cobb County Warrant Division handles more than 28,000 active Georgia warrants in a typical year, and the procedure that is performed by civilian workers when the warrant is issued is essentially the same for each. 

Initially, the arrest warrant is added to a database where the suspect is identified and his/her criminal history is examined, then the suspect’s info is put on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. Next, the warrant is forwarded to local uniformed officers or, if the suspect is a fugitive, to the Fugitive Section. The warrant officers collect proof and look for info about the suspect, followed by an arrest.


Cobb County Warrant Search

Like Fulton County, Cobb does not provide online public access to the county warrant database. To collect details on a warrant, you can attempt to call the Magistrate Court Warrant Office at 770-528-8900, Monday through Friday. The office may or may not provide details over the phone. If they insist that you appear in-person to verify whether an arrest warrant has been issued for you, please reach out to The Law Ladies. We will submit a warrant inquiry to determine the status of your arrest warrant and begin working with you to prepare a detailed defense strategy.

Dekalb County Warrants

The Dekalb County Magistrate Court issues arrest warrants for both civil and criminal offenses, and those arrest warrants are carried out either by the Sheriff’s Office or the Dekalb County Police Department. As soon as a warrant is issued, it will normally take a minimum of 2 days for it to be processed through the system and considered active to be served to the offender named on the warrant. At that point, the District Attorney will alert both the offender and the prosecutor of the court date, either through the mail or by subpoena.

Dekalb County Warrants

Dekalb County Warrant Search

To determine the status of an arrest warrant, you can call the Dekalb Sheriff’s Office Warrant Union at 404-298-8200 three days after it has been issued. As with many other counties in Georgia, the Sheriff’s Office may or may not share the details of the arrest warrant over the phone, so you should always consult with a criminal defense attorney before making an in-person appearance.

Douglas County Warrant Search

The Douglas County Warrants Division handles more than 11,000 Georgia warrants every year. In Douglas County, arrest warrants are issued by a judge in the Magistrate Court, and the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court puts the details into the Sustain system online, which can be accessed by law enforcement officials. Police officers at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office then proceed to process and serve the warrant.

Douglas County Warrant Search

Douglas County Warrant

To determine whether you have an active Douglas County warrant, you can attempt to call the Douglas County Warrants Division at 678-486-1258. Visiting the sheriff’s office in person is not recommended prior to consulting with a local criminal defense attorney, so all independent attempts to conduct a warrant search should be limited to phone calls.

Gwinnett County Warrant Search

Similar to most counties in Georgia, arrest warrants in Gwinnett County are released through the Magistrate Court. The active Georgia warrants are then served by the Gwinnett Sheriff’s Department Field Operation Division, which includes the Warrants Unit and the Uniforms Unit. 

The Warrants Unit processes, monitors, and validates the 23,000 criminal warrants that they get in a typical year in accordance with rigorous federal and state standards. The Uniforms Unit serves Georgia warrants to the suspects. These can be connected to cases involving misdemeanors, felonies, bench warrants, and Recorder’s Court warrants.

Gwinnett County Active Warrants

To inquire about whether you have an active arrest warrant in Gwinnett County, you can call the Magistrate Court at 770-822-8100. Whether the court confirms that you have a warrant or they refuse to provide information without an in-person appearance, please contact us. We will use our resources to gather details about your warrant and begin developing a defense strategy.

What to Do After Conducting a Warrants Search Georgia

If you discover that you have been issued a Georgia warrant, you should contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Not only will a skilled defense attorney be able to verify the status and details of the arrest warrant on your behalf, but they will work with you to create a defense strategy, if needed, and guide you through the next steps.

What to Do After Conducting a Warrants Search Georgia

Hire a Warrant Search Georgia Attorney

Discovering that you have an arrest warrant can be frightening, but with the right defense team on your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have a dedicated advocate who is determined to fight for your rights. 

If you have been issued a warrant in Georgia, trusted Atlanta criminal defense attorneys Jasmine Barber and Ashley McMahan are here to help. Contact the The Law Ladies today to begin discussing your next steps.



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