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“If you’re reading this HIRE ASHLEY NOW! Ashley is nothing short of AMAZING! I was arrested for a DUI and was treated very unfairly by an officer in Woodstock, GA. I was referred to Ashley by another lawyer who spoke very highly of her, and he was dead on. If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense/ DUI lawyer you would be doing yourself a huge disservice not to hire her. I knew I had a good case but the state prosecutor and the arresting officer decided they wanted to play hard ball and give me the max penalty for a first time DUI. The list of things I would have had to do and pay for was exhaustive; especially when I was arrested for DUI and I had not been drinking. The officer tried to claim he felt I was on drugs but did not find any trace of drugs, nor did he smell anything because I DON’T DO DRUGS. Because the State decided they would go for the max penalty I decided to take a Jury trial and let my fate be decided by unbiased Americans who don’t like to see innocent people get screwed by the law. We took it to trial and they could seriously make a movie on how Ashley made the Officer and Prosecutor look like complete idiots! After the cross examination she gave the officer I would not be surprised if he quit his job and or got fired. She pulled out all the flaws in his report and made him look silly through the questions she asked. The cop was honestly the laughing stock of the courtroom by the time she was done with him. The Prosecutor wasn’t happy either and she made it hard on them as well. It was a very stressful process but Ashley was so professional, accessible, kind and I really felt like she cared. I hope I do not need her services again but I will always keep her number locked in my phone. She was a BLESSING!”

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